New 50Y Experiment: An Event Series


At Fifty Years, we want to see more scientists commercialize their research via tech startups. To do that, we believe we need more scientists in venture capital — to diligence and support these founders and their companies.

Our first event in the “PhD to VC” series will be on breaking into VC in bio and synbio. We will have a panel discussion of a few amazing scientists who are now investing in bio and synbio startups:

Jun Axup PhD, Scientific Director & Partner, IndieBio
Francisco Gimenez PhD, Principal at 8VC
Uri Lopatin, PhD, MD, Visitng Partner at Y Combinator

The discussion will be moderated by Seth Bannon, Founder and Partner at Fifty Years. The panel will be followed by a generous Q&A and networking. Please see detailed speaker bios below.

The inaugural “PhD to VC” event will take place on Tuesday November 18th at 5pm in San Francisco. Light vegan snacks will be served. If you would like to attend, please apply here. We will get back to select participants with location details.


Jun Axup

Jun Axup is Scientific Director and Partner at IndieBio, the world's leading life science accelerator. Focused on turning scientists into entrepreneurs, IndieBio has funded and helped build 116 biotech companies spanning all applications including future of food/agriculture, consumer biotech, computational biology, digital health, therapeutics, medical devices, neurotech, and regenerative medicine. At IndieBio, she advises companies, runs scientific programming, makes investment decisions, and builds community. Jun holds a PhD in chemical biology from The Scripps Research Institute. She worked in several startups in the fields of immuno-oncology, protein engineering, lab automation robotics, CRISPR, precision medicine, and have co-founded two companies. She is passionate about increasing human healthspan/longevity, hacking brains, and solving climate change.


Fifty Years also runs an event series called! hosts deep dive seminars around new technologies to bring together scientists, entrepreneurs and investors with the goal of exploring all the areas of business activity in which tech entrepreneurship can solve big social and environmental problems.