EVENT : Hosting a deep dive Impact.Tech seminar on cellular agriculture
Aug 7, 2017 | San Francisco, California

Seth and Ela hosted a deep dive Impact.Tech seminar on cellular agriculture by Dr Liz Specht from Good Food Institute. At Y Combinator Research in San Francisco, a small group of investors and entrepreneurs studied the current landscape of cellular agriculture industry, the biggest challenges and opportunities. 


PRESS : Seth interviewed on The Twenty Minute VC podcast
Aug 7, 2017

Harry Stebbings, creator of The Twenty Minute VC podcast, interviewed Seth about our mission, strategy, the ongoing deep tech explosion, and our deep belief that much of Silicon Valley's talent is currently going to waste.

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EVENT : Hosting an Impact.Tech event on space tech at IndieBio SF
Jul 25, 2017 | San Francisco, California

Seth and Ela hosted an open Impact.Tech meetup about impact in the space tech sector. Speakers included John Gedmark, CEO of Fifty Years' portfolio company Astranis.

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EVENT : Judging the Velocity Fund Finals
Jul 21, 2017 | Waterloo, Canada

Seth was judging The Velocity Fund Finals. Top 10 early stage startups from Waterloo area and top 10 student projects from University Of Waterloo competed for equity free grants.

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EVENT : Hosting an Impact.Tech seminar on the science of aging
Jul 13, 2017 | San Francisco, California

Seth and Ela hosted a deep dive Impact.Tech seminar on the science of aging by Martin Borch Jensen from Buck Institute for Research on Aging. At Y Combinator Research in San Francisco, a small group of investors and entrepreneurs will learned about the biological processes behind aging, and the current landscape of anti-aging research.


EVENT : Speaking at Northern Light - European Business Leaders' Convention
Jun 29 - Jul 1, 2017 | Helsinki, Finland

Ela and Seth were both invited as emerging technology leaders to the annual Northern Light summit by The European Business Leaders’ Convention (EBLC) that gathers 150 top business leaders, scientists and innovators.

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EVENT : Speaking at Pioneers Festival 2017
Jun 1-2, 2017 | Vienna, Austria

Ela & Seth were both speaking on the main stage of Pioneers Festival in Vienna sharing the vision of Fifty Years and talking about using technology to solve the world's biggest problems.

Ela was also judge in the Pioneers Challenge startup competition finale, choosing the winners from 8 finalists selected out of over 4000 applications.

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EVENT : Speaking at Katapult Future Fest event
May 10-12, 2017 | Oslo, Norway

At the Katapult Future Fest in Oslo, Seth gave a talk about how exponential technologies for good will shape the future of capitalism.

Video will be available online soon.

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EVENT : Speaking at Milken Institute Global Conference 2017
April 30-May 3, 2017 | Los Angeles, California

At the Global Conference 2017 by Milken Institute, Dr. Uma Valeti CEO & co-founder of our portfolio company Memphis Meats was part of a panel about alternative protein sources disrupting the future of food. Ela attended together with 3500 attendees from 50 countries, all senior decision makers in their field, speaking to them about the future of impact investing and Fifty Year's mission.

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EVENT : Speaking at National Food Policy Conference
April 11-12, 2017 | Washington, DC

At the National Food Policy Conference organised by Consumer Federation of America in Washington, Seth was part of a panel about food industry disruptors.

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EVENT : Speaking at Near Future Summit 2017
Mar 15-17, 2017 | La Jolla, California

Ela was speaking as part of "Future of Finance Breakaway" panel , together with James Joaquin (Co-founder & Managing Director, Obvious Ventures) and Colin le Duc (Co-founder & Partner, Generation).


EVENT : Tasting event of Memphis Meats clean chicken meat produced from cells in labs
Mar 14, 2017 | San Francisco, California

Ela & Seth were among 25 people invited to try clean chicken meat tasting event organised by our portfolio company Memphis Meats. All the chicken meat served at the event was produced from cells in Memphis Meats lab.

For Seth it was the first time that he ate meat in 20 years → 

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EVENT : Speaking at Impact Investing by The Economist event
Feb 18, 2017 | New York

Ela gave a talk about Fifty Years mission and the future of capitalism.

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EVENT : Speaking at Worlds Fair Nano
Jan 28, 2017 | San Francisco, California

Ela gave a talk about the future of capitalism. 

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PRESS : "Impact Investing - interview with Ela Madej"
Jan 21, 2017

The Economist Impact Investing team published interview with our founding partners - Ela.

We invest in companies using technology to solve the world’s biggest problems, using UN SDGs as a proxy for “problems”. We believe that these tech-enabled businesses solving real problems will be among the most profitable.

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PRESS : "Ela Madej Pursues UN Sustainable-Development Goals Through Technology Entrepreneurs"
Dec 21, 2016

B the Change media published a long profile of one of our founding partners - Ela. 

Madej says that Fifty Years stands out among impact investors because of how it vets portfolio companies.

“Our first question is: Can the business significantly contribute to solving one of the challenges as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals?” Ela says.

“Second: Can it be a massively big business?

And third: Do the founders genuinely care about positive impact?”


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EVENT : Hosting Impact.Tech
Dec 7, 2016 | San Francisco, California

Ela & Seth co-hosted an Impact.Tech event "Challenges of 2017 & Onward, and How Tech Can Help".

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EVENT : Speaking at SLUSH 2016
Dec 1, 2016 | Helsinki, Finland

During this Europe's biggest tech festival (15,000 participants) Seth gave a keynote on our work at Fifty Years. He was also on a panel about investing for impact & he led an impact investment roundtable during the Slush "Investor Day". Ela was on the food tech panel & had an interview +open Q&A on the Slush "speaker studio" stage.

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PRESS : "Silicon Valley makes room for new nourishment"
Nov 30, 2016

Seth is quoted in this Financial Times article about the impending food revolution.

“The traditional food system is broken in every way,” says Seth Bannon, founding partner at Fifty Years, an early stage venture fund in San Francisco that has invested in food technology companies. “It’s terrible for the environment, it’s economically unfavourable and it’s not great for human health.”
Mr Bannon, of Fifty Years, who has invested in Memphis Meats, calls its approach the “second domestication”. “Traditionally we have domesticated animals to harvest their cells for food or drink,” he says. “Now we are starting to domesticate cells themselves.”

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PRESS : "Despite Legal Troubles, This Startup Is Trying To Do Right By Workers"
Nov 24, 2016

Seth was quoted in this BuzzFeed article covering how company Josephine is providing contractors with stake in the company.

Bannon is not an investor in Josephine, but is intrigued by Wang’s belief that there’s
“a better way to organize a tech company.”
As an investor, I see this as a grand experiment that could either be totally unworkable, or maybe lead to a paradigm shift in how businesses are organized,” he said.
“Often, as an investor, that’s exactly where you want to be. High risk, high reward.

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EVENT : Judging at Impact Investing in Silicon Valley
Nov 10, 2016 | Palo Alto, California

Ela was judging demo day presentations by social impact companies.

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EVENT : Talk at Impact.Tech
Oct 19, 2016 | San Francisco, California

Seth gave a talk "Aligning Profits & Impact in High-growth Startups".

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EVENT : Talk at SynBioBeta
Oct 4, 2016 | San Francisco, California

Seth was part of Investor Panel session, speaking about investing in biotech companies.

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PRESS : Interview with Founding Partners in Fast Company
Oct 3, 2016

"This New Silicon Valley VC Firm Wants To Fund Solutions To The World's Biggest Problems" by Adele Peters. 

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PRESS : Fifty Years launch covered in Tech Crunch
Oct 3, 2016

"Fifty Years - The new Silicon Valley VC that wants to save the world AND make money" by Mike Butcher.

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EVENT : Speaking at Pioneer Summit
Sept 14, 2016 | Redwood City, California

Ela was on a panel about the future of investing.

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EVENT : Speaking at Pioneers Festival 2016
May 22, 2016 | Vienna, Austria

Seth was on a panel about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain : "On-Chain Off-Chain Blockchain: The decentralised Revolution". Both Ela and Seth were judging and had a talk about investing to save the world during the "Challenge day" of the festival.


EVENT : Talk at Impact.Tech
Nov 17, 2015 | San Francisco, California

Seth gave a talk "Impact is the New Mobile".

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EVENT : Talk at Slush 2015
Nov 9, 2015 | Helsinki, Finland

Ela & Seth gave a talk "How to Eat Glass" about the stressful journey of entrepreneurship, and daily routines that will help you manage the rollercoaster.

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PRESS : Impact Is The New Mobile
Oct 3, 2015

Seth explains how Impact is the New Mobile.

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EVENT : Judging food tech pitch competition at Launch Festival 2015
April 2015 | San Francisco, California

Ela was judging foodtech startup pitch competition.

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