Fifty Years is an entrepreneur-run early stage venture fund based in San Francisco. We invest in companies that inspire. Specifically, we fund companies that, if successful, will be both massively profitable and make a serious dent in achieving one of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Some of the teams we've backed:

Small, low-cost telecommunications satellites to bring the internet to the entire world.

Commercialising clean meat
to move humanity to a new,
better food system.

Decarbonizing the chemicals industry through enzymatic manufacturing.

So they decided to create Fifty Years to support entrepreneurs solving the world’s biggest problems with technology. But they didn’t want to turn into something like a charity or traditional ‘impact’ investor. They still wanted to back companies that could be both massively profitable and make a serious dent in solving big problems like climate change, education, and health.
— Mike Butcher, Fifty Years - The new Silicon Valley VC that wants to save the world AND make money, TechCrunch

Like any venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, Fifty Years backs startups that it thinks will make massive amounts of money. But the firm, recently launched by two Y Combinator alumni, has a second requirement: Each of the entrepreneurs in its portfolio also has to have the potential to solve a major world problem.
— Adele Peters, This New Silicon Valley VC Firm Wants To Fund Solutions To The World's Biggest Problems, Fast Company

Watch Fifty Years closely, they might just be the soul Silicon Valley needs right now.
— Paul Armstrong, Katapult Is The Festival You Need For A Future That Isn't Discreet, Forbes